Shanghai Sheng Wang Industrial Group was founded in 1999, the main business involves the exploration and development of mineral resources, golf club, real estate development, five star hotel and tourism investment, construction, investment and development, the public cemetery stone deep processing industry, is a diversified multinational investment group. At present, the various types of projects invested in China's Shanghai, Hongkong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia,, Yunnan,, Guizhou and other countries, such as Madagascar,, Laos and other countries.
Sheng Wang mining investment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is a group of mining investment, risk investment, mainly engaged in geological exploration of mine construction and mining, stone processing, rock testing analysis and Experimental Research on mineral processing, mineral products processing and trade etc.. At present, the main distribution of mineral company at home and abroad are: Inner Mongolia Sheng Wang Mining Co. Ltd., Sheng Wang Mining Holdings (Chinese) Co. Ltd., Madagascar Nova Resources Co., Ltd. in the old copper development etc.. In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Sheng Wang Group's investment in mineral projects, coal, iron ore, gold and silver precious metals, copper, zinc and other non-ferrous metals. Total proven lead and zinc resources more than 1 million tons, silver resources more than 3000 tons, molybdenum resources more than 50 thousand tons, more than 10 thousand tons of tungsten resources. At present, the group company in Inner Mongolia to carry out mine development and construction of the preparatory work, in accordance with the green building concept, concentrator design production scale for the daily processing 3000 tons of raw ore, comprehensive recovery of silver lead zinc antimony tungsten metal elements can be put into production after the annual output value of 1 billion yuan.


In Madagascar, Wang Sheng group Nova Resources Limited is the investment subject, with graphite, gold, copper, nickel, chromium, high-grade stone mineral mining rights more than sixty, the total area of more than 2 thousand square kilometers of mining rights. In which high-grade stone has been formed to scale mining. Graphite is the advantage of Madagascar resources, Sheng Wang Group has proven large scale graphite mineral volume of about 10000000 tons, is Malaysia's master most of graphite resources mineral company. Is currently carrying out a series of design work of graphite mines before development, plans to put into operation in 2018, is expected to produce graphite powder 60 thousand tons, the annual sales income of 500 million yuan. Other metal ore resources projects are currently in the stage of geological exploration. In Madagascar, Sheng Wang Group and the Inner Mongolia Institute of mineral research cooperation, investment in the construction of comprehensive rock mine test analysis laboratory, formally put into operation in November 8, 2015. The laboratory is mainly engaged in the chemical analysis of ore samples, rock and mineral identification, analysis of soil samples, water quality analysis, geotechnical testing, mineral processing, etc., to fill the gaps in Madagascar in this regard. Formally put into operation in the laboratory, will effectively promote the development of geological prospecting and mining in Malaysia, but also for the mining industry investment group provides a convenient condition. As a multinational mining investment group, we always uphold the rational development and utilization of mineral resources, construction of ecological and environmental protection of green mines, promote local economic development, job creation, social responsibility principle, to provide clean energy and industrial raw materials for economy and society, the benefit of mankind.