Chairman Speech

There is a kind of broadmindedness called dream, and there is a kind of collision called opportunity.

The group turns their dreams of making breakthroughs and leap forwards into realities, sailing with the favorable wind of reform and opening up and seizing the opportunities.

The development of the group manifests an irrefutable truth, that is, “success = hard work + the right way + less empty talk” (Einstein).

The group has experienced difficulties and setbacks in the past, but we always uphold the belief of never giving up, because success is the result of continued accumulation from the moment of making the decision to do it.

Today, the group has laid a solid foundation and built up a strong team with definitive objectives from the building of corporate culture to the kindling of creativity and the continuous sublimation of innovative abilities.

Tomorrow, the group will definitely become a first-class enterprise that is “the love of the staff, the first choice of customers, the enterprise recognized by the government and the society”, creating great wealth and making more contributions to the country and the people.

As a business operator, I have been worshiping Buffett who bought his first stock at the age of 11, and I appreciate his incisive comments: “I am a realist, I like doing all his own, and this has always been convinced. As a thoroughly practical realist, I am only interested in reality, never have any illusions, especially for themselves.” I think this is the experience of a success. Beliefs are essential. Once you are determined to do anything, do it perseveringly, and every aspiring entrepreneur should follow the same way in order to make differences.

Engels has a saying, “to accomplish something is the “supreme state of life”. Sincerely welcome people of vision to join our team. I believe that you will be able to show your talents on this platform and realize your ideals.