Adhere to the development of financial industry in three areas of energy To build the domestic first-class international famous large integrated group

Our aim

Customers preferred employees love the government recognized social trust

Our mission

People oriented livelihood for the root culture as the source Civilization as the foundation to lead the industry forward



Excellence in service beyond value


Career planning to live and work in peace


Win-win value in return


Self regulating the world economy


Remember people work one too To treat people with sincerity in the long


Survival idea

Wisdom is the way of change
The way of learning is to practice the soul
The way of man is good
The way of doing things is to seize the core


Pioneering idea

To maintain the purity of the beginning of the heart
Listen to your heart
The imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style
Create brilliant


Management idea

Poly industry elite Create a century famous enterprises


Brand idea

Brand value creation Value to create wealth

Wealth concept

People keep to financial scattered people together

Philosophy of life

Claim Take care of Willing to


The idea of employing people

With Germany as the first in order to after Who have both ability and political integrity reuse


Management philosophy

Intelligent management Humane act


Achievement concept

Only the first no second